5.55 Million Dollar Fine! (Got Your Attention?)

WOW! Can you believe the latest fine from the OCR? $5.55 Million! This week, Advocate Health Care agreed to settle their HIPAA penalties with the OCR. More fines like this one will be coming.

Here are the key points of action you can take to ensure your business is not next on the hitlist:

  1. Encrypt all your PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets. PERIOD! This is an easy win. If you already have Windows 10 Pro, BitLocker is included for FREE! If you’re running Windows 7 64bit Enterprise, Bitlocker is also included. Just enable it! If you have standard Windows 7, then either upgrade to Windows 10 Pro or purchase a third party program. My recommendation is to upgrade to Windows 10 and use the native Bitlocker client.
  2. Make sure your Breach Plans are updated and ready for action. This is so important, folks. Not only is it important to your business, but more importantly, to your customers! Open your security book and review your Breach Plan. Need help? Contact us. Please! Let us help you ensure your plans are correctly updated and ready for action.
  3. Verify your BAAs with all of your vendors! This is easy and so often overlooked. Make sure you have signed, yes signed, BAAs with each of your third party vendors. Any company that has access to your company’s ePHI must have an updated and signed BAA. All BAAs should be reviewed yearly. I know you may think this is overkill, but with the speed of the OCR and increase in data breaches, you need to be prepared.

Take action and secure your business, get HIPAA compliant, and protect the legacy you have built for your associates and patients! Click here for a free checklist to help you get started.

We want you to be secure, compliant, and NOT have to pay the OCR.