VanRein Compliance’s Continued Commitment to Simplifying Compliance

Thank you to everyone for the congratulations and well-wishes after last week’s announcement. I am thrilled to be stepping into the CEO position and taking up leadership over the day to day operations here at VanRein Compliance. 

We believe that data privacy is a human right – and that complying with regulations around privacy should not be as overwhelming and confusing as they are. That has been the core foundation of VanRein Compliance and will continue to be our bedrock as we look to the future and expand our services.

Dawn Van Buskirk | CEO, VanRein Compliance

Our daily decision making requires continually asking the question, “How can we make this simpler for our customers and more impactful for their business?”

Rob and I have just come back into the “office” from taking some family time during our son’s Spring Break, and we’re back with more passion, and new ideas! Look out for information on new laws, new training, and new customized services to help you continue to protect your data and your customer’s data so you can feel confident about your compliance.

Serving You,

Dawn Van Buskirk

P.S. If you’re going to the SNUG or ATSI conferences, stop by the VanRein Compliance booth! Rob will be at SNUG and I will be at ATSI. We look forward to you all in person!