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At VanRein we know that compliance and risk management are complicated and confusing. Wouldn’t be nice if there was a simplified solution?

With the VanRein Compliance Framework we walk alongside you for your compliance journey, providing expertise, support, and training to secure your business… simply.

customer-centered compliance solutions
Our team has spent over 20 years gaining expertise in data security, healthcare, and compliance globally so that we can protect businesses like yours, giving you the confidence you deserve when it comes to compliance.


Managed Compliance Services

We build and manage your data compliance program from initial audit to custom policies and procedures and online training. All with a dedicated account manager.  

Online Training

If you just need training, we have training for your staff that is on-demand with training logs and notifications.

Custom Training

If you want custom training, we can create in-studio training or animated training to fit your business needs.


VanRein Compliance has been a lifesaver! We’ve used other compliance companies in the past and none have even come closer to providing the personal assistance and professionalism that we receive from VanRein. One of the best decisions we’ve made for our business!

Jen Schulz, Owner Answer Mindwest

The team at VanRein is fantastic! They have been our compliance partner for 2 years and we’ve been very impressed. They’ve been on top of our compliance and ongoing training, extremely responsive to any questions we’ve had, and made our experience a positive one. We highly recommend this group!

Chris Kooman, COO eLivelihood

The team at VanRein Compliance has been making sure we are HIPAA compliant for more than two years now. We’ve implemented training for all new employees and understand the value of staying compliant with our patient data.

Sam, Co-Founder of Veriheal

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Cyber security is more important than ever. Without the right risk and compliance management, policies and procedures, and employee training you are vulnerable. With data breaches becoming more common it is not a matter of if but a matter of when. VanRein will partner with you to secure your system by assessing your risk and making recommendations to secure your system and have procedures in place to mitigate damage when you have a breach.

A data breach can cost you 40% of your customers.

Start protecting your business today

1. Contact Us

Tell us about your business, and we’ll provide a risk review.

2. Managed Compliance

We will use the VanRein Compliance Framework to perform an audit, create custom policies and procedures and provide training for staff.

3. Secure your future

Confidently secure the future of your business with a compliance plan in place.