SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 READINESS ASSESSMENT / vanrein compliance

SOC 2 compliance involves implementing a variety of security practices and policies that are applicable to your organization and then completing an audit from a third-party auditor.

What is SOC 2 Compliance?

SOC 2 stands for Service Organization Controls 2. It is a security standard that is widely recognized and respected throughout North America as a way to maintain best practices for a secure information system. This will help assure your potential clients and business partners that when you interact with their data, you have the protocols in place to protect it.

Who needs to be SOC 2 Compliant?

If your business processes or stores customer and consumer information, it’s likely you’ll be asked to prove your commitment to security with a SOC 2 certification.

What we do for you

We perform a Readiness Assessment which includes mapping existing controls to your Trust Services Criteria, checking for gaps, developing a remediation plan, then we perform readiness testing to prepare you for your external audit. This process takes about 6-12 months.

You’ll have a lower risk for a data breach and the potential costs that a data breach can bring. If you’re SOC 2 compliant, your organization is following powerful best practices for information security.

Non-compliance Can Cost You