As we see more and more breaches, we think about firewalls and technology to save us and our business. The US government introduced the Medical Device Cybersecurity Act of 2017.

Recent ransomware and malware attacks and hacks have demonstrated how vulnerable some medical devices are. Ransomware incidents have resulted in medical devices being taken out of action, causing major disruptions at hospitals, and delaying the treatment of patients. There is no sign of these incidents slowing or stopping. In all likelihood, they will increase.

So what can you do to protect your Legacy? Be the firewall! 80% of all breaches come from internal sources. Someone opened an email that contained ransomware or visited a site that was explicit.

Make sure you and your staff know these top rules to safeguard against an attack:

  1. Train your staff! Make sure they can identify a security issue!
  2. Do not open a email from someone that you do not recognize.
  3. Do not open an email attachment that you did not request or expect. Just delete.
  4. Only go to work-related websites that pertain to your job. Do not “Surf the Net” on a company PC. That puts the practice and YOU at risk.

These are just a few items to think about as you work to protect your Legacy. Let us know what security concerns you have about your business and we can discuss how to handle them. Contact us at 830-521-2111 and schedule your complimentary HIPAA discussion.